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Selected Madrigals CD cover Christoph & Sebastian cover
Claudio Monteverdi: Selected Madrigals
mucavi records, 2012

Madrigals from Books 6, 7 and 8
interspersed with instrumental music by Kapsperger, Bassano, Frescobaldi;
With bonus video-track featuring an animated text-translation of one of the madrigals.

R 100,- / € 12,-

Motets, Cantatas, Arias by J. C & J.S. Bach
mucavi records, 2014

Though accessible only through a limited number of extant compositions, the work of Johann Christoph must be considered of rare significance: for the sake of its individualistic expressivity as well as for its decisive influence on that of Johann Sebastian.

R 100,- / € 12,-

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